Annual Creek Cleanup

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Less than three percent of the water on the planet is fresh water. It is a cycling phenomenon that we are 100% dependent on!

Every year volunteers from all over the City of Tulsa, gather to pick up trash near area creeks as part of the Tulsa Area Conservation Foundation’s Annual Creek Cleanup. Last year, over 100 volunteers participated and accumulated about a sac of trash per person,


                                                         1998:  Mooser Creek                  2007:  Haikey Creek

                                                         1999:  Crow Creek                      2008:  Ranch Creek

                                                         2000:  Fred Creek                       2009:  Crow Creek

                                                         2000:  Little Joe Creek                2010:  Harlow Creek

                                                         2001:  Jones/Mill Creeks             2011:  Coal Creek

                                                         2002:  Flat Rock Creek                2012:  Vensel Creeks

                                                         2003:  Mingo Creek                     2013:  Mingo Creek

                                                         2004:  Haikey Creek                    2014:  Coal Creek

                                                         2005:  Coal Creek                       2015:  Mooser Creek

                                                         2006:  Cherry/Red Fork Creek

  There are many ways that you and/or your company can help protect our natural resources in the Tulsa area. If you or someone you know would like to become a sponsor of the our Annual Creek Clean Up, please go to our contact page and let us know how you would like to help. Any donations of funds, in kind materials, or volunteer time, would be accepted and appreciated.